Customer stories

Customer story: Performance & Vintage Classicos, Inc.


In 2016 we were contacted by Performance & Vintage Classicos, Inc. (http://performancevintageclassicos.comin the Dominican Republic, which makes us very proud. They are amongst the best in the world at restoring old classic Mercedes-Benz cars. They had found us via our website; for a long time they had wanted to find the exactly right battery for their cars.

We flew a pallet of our batteries to them in the Caribbean. They are now being fitted to their cars. Previously they had used imitation plastic batteries, but with our original ones the cars can now appear as authentic as possible. We hope Performance & Vintage Classicos' customers will really enjoy their cars, now equipped with the exactly right batteries.

We have received some beautiful photos from Mr Tapia at Performance & Vintage Classicos after they had fitted our batteries to a couple of cars.

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